Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Radio Drama Analysis - The Archers

The Archers first broadcasted on January 1st 1951 and is still running today, everyday except for saturdays. It is broadcasted on BBC radio 4. This radio drama has a very large cast and has its own fictional map of the village

Story lines in the past years have included issues such as, gay marriage, deaths, heroin addicts and abortions.
The Archers is still very popular today and has been running for a significant amount of time.

As a young person, I dont find The Archers as exciting as it could be. I find it very difficult to engage myself and relate to the characters due to the way in which they communicate with each other. I think that this is aimed at an older generation. I will take this into consideration when planning my own radio drama as I would like to aim it at young people.

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